Competition rules

“Simply Salon Nails”

  1. Nail Tech has 90 minutes to create a full set. You will need a model, ask other nail techs that you know are attending with you to arrange a model or email us and we can try to help pair you with someone attending the event that is not competing.
  2. Application can be done using natural or clear tips or sculpting with forms. No white tips.
  3. SALON STYLE - normal smile lines & C-Curve, no extra points for deep competition style smile lines or C-Curves. PINK & WHITES -- NO: Color Acrylic, Glitter Acrylic, Glitter Gel or Color Gel
  4. Nails may be any length and shape. Shape and/or length should be "normal Salon length".


Mixed Media Junior & Senior

  1. All art must be created specifically for this competition. No art or tips used in any other competition may be used. NO RECYCLED ART
  2. TIPS (minimum 4 tips), Completed BEFORE you come to the event.  No live models.
  3. ALL TIPS should follow one theme or idea - There is no set theme, but entry MUST follow your chosen theme
  4. NOTHING more than 1/8” high, hanging, dangling, extending off the nail plate or free edge. Art should be contained within the canvas of the nail itself.
  5. If your art work is questionable as to how far it extends up or off the nail, you will be disqualified. 
  6. Nails may be any length and shape. Shape and/or length should be fitting of your design.
  7. Any type of art is acceptable: flat, air brush, color acrylic/gel, stones, glitter.  NO decals or clay canes. Mix and match of art styles is acceptable - no points will be deducted for using one style art (eg: 100% hand painted is ok).
  8. MUST be Original Art, no obscene, objectionable or copyrighted (ie: Disney characters, professional sports logos, personality likeness) material will be accepted.


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