2016 Itinerary

The 3 hour workshops are a maximum of $50.
The 5 hour workshops and certification classes are a maximum of $100 (with the exception of the longer LCN Barefoot class).
There are ALWAYS free classes going on, extra paid workshops are optional!


  10:30-12pm Check In
  11:30-12:30pm Lunch Meet & Greet
  1-6pm Workshop - This class will be split into New Attendees, taught by Allie Baker and Tami Schmidt (with a minimum 5 years experience for advanced). This will help with the size of the class and veterans can be more specific with competition techniques
  6:30pm Dinner with your Team!
  7:30pm Introductions, Raffle & Games, Competition Q&A:, Receive Swag Bags!
Saturday 8am Breakfast & Raffles
  9:15am Competition Set Up, Prep. Bring Mixed Media Entries
  10am Competition Begins - "1 Hand, 1 Hour"
  11am Judging Begins
  12:30pm Lunch & Raffles
  2pm 60 Minute Class
  3:30pm 60 Minute Class
  5pm 60 Minute Class
  6:30pm Dinner & Raffles
  8pm Competition Awards
  8:30pm -> Browse and Shop All Around Camp
Sunday 7:30am Breakfast & Raffles
  9:00am-12pm 3 Hour Workshop
  12:15pm Lunch & Raffles
  1:30pm Group Photo on the Field
  2pm 60 Minute Class
  3:30pm 60 Minute Class
  5pm 60 Minute Class
  6:30pm Dinner with your Team & Raffles
  7:30 Team Game
  8:00pm Business Seminar & Round Table Discussion
  9:30pm Campfire
Monday 7:30am Breakfast & Raffles (Clean out cabins before Breakfast)
  9am-12pm Begin 5 Hour Workshop
  12:15pm Lunch, Feedback, Attendance Certificates and Final Raffles
  1:30-3:30pm Finish 5 Hour Workshop
  4pm Pack up and Go. See you next year!
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