Welcome to the 2014 Retreat!


Each year we collect surveys from attendees. Following the desire for MORE class times, we have made adjustments to this year's itinerary. Many Nail Techs would rather pay for 2 Three-Hour workshops than one longer one, so we have made that option available. There are ALWAYS free classes going on, extra paid workshops are optional!


  10-11:30am Check In (Earlier this year!)
  11:30-12:30pm Lunch Meet & Greet
  1-6pm Workshop - This class will be split into New Attendees, taught by Vicki Peters and Past Attendees (with a minimum 3 years experience), taught by Amy Becker. This will help with the size of the class and veterans can be more specific with competition techniques
  6:30pm Dinner
  8pm Introductions, Raffle & Games, Competition Q&A:, Receive Swag Bags!
Saturday 8am Breakfast & Raffles
  9am Competition Set Up, Prep. Bring Mixed Media Entries
  10am Competition Begins - "1 Hand, 1 Hour"
  11am Judging Begins
  12:45pm Lunch & Raffles
  2pm Group Photo on the Field
  3pm 75 Minute Class
  4:30pm 75 Minute Class
  5pm 75 Minute Class
  6:30pm Dinner & Raffles
  7:30 Competition Awards
  8:15pm Team Activity
  8:45 Seminar
  9:30pm Campfire
Sunday 8am Breakfast & Raffles
  9am-12pm 3 Hour Workshop
  12:30pm Lunch & Raffles
  2pm 75 Minute Class
  3:30pm 75 Minute Class
  5pm "Pay It Forward" Bring unwanted products with you to Dinner to donate to schools!
  5:30pm Dinner and Raffles
  7pm-10pm 3 Hour Workshop or attend Nail Talk Radio
Monday 8am Breakfast, Raffles & Last Announcements (Clean out cabins before Breakfast)
  9:30am Trade Show
  12:15pm Lunch and Final Raffles
  1:30-3pm Trade Show
  3pm Pack up and Go. See you next year!
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