2017 Proposed Itinerary

The Sunday 3 hour workshops are a maximum of $50.
The Monday workshops will range from 3-7 hours. Half the workshops will end at lunch so if you need to take an early flight you can leave after lunch. LCN Barefoot and the Wildflowers Boot Camp are two workshops that will last 6 hours or longer.


  10:30-12pm Check In
  11:30-12:30pm Lunch Meet & Greet
  1-6pm Workshop - This class will be split into New Attendees taught by Nancy King and advanced techs taught by Allie Baker (with a minimum 5 years experience for advanced). This will help with the size of the class and veterans can be more specific with competition techniques
  6:30pm Dinner with your Team!
  7:30pm Introductions, Raffle & Games, Competition Q&A:, Receive Swag Bags!
Saturday 8am Breakfast & Raffles
  9am Competition Set Up, Prep, Apply Take2 on Models. Bring Mixed Media Entries
  10am Competition Begins - "1 Hand, 1 Hour"
  11am Judging Begins
  12:30pm Lunch & Raffles
  2pm 60 Minute Class
  3:30pm 60 Minute Class
  5pm 60 Minute Class
  6:30pm Dinner & Raffles
  8pm Competition Awards
  8:30pm -> Keynote Speaker
Sunday 8am Breakfast & Raffles
  9:00am-12pm 3 Hour Workshop
  12:30pm Lunch & Raffles
  1:30pm Group Photo on the Field
  2pm 60 Minute Class
  3:30pm 60 Minute Class
  4-6:30pm Shopping & Tradeshow Time
  6:30pm Dinner & Raffles
  7:30 Team Game
  8:00pm Round Table Discussion
  9ish Campfire (weather permitting)
Monday 8am Breakfast & Raffles (Clean out cabins before Breakfast)
  9am-12pm Workshops
  12:30pm Lunch, Feedback, Attendance Certificates and Final Raffles
  Finish workshops (For those signed up for a 5+ hour class)
    See you next year!
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