Nail Technicians from across the country have joined us in the past and we love that you find your way to the northwest.

Probably the most asked question is about rental cars - You will NOT need to rent a car if you fly into Seattle. Once you are at the camp, you won't be going anywhere until you head back to the airport.    

The retreat begins Friday with registration starting at 11am, lunch at noon and the first class at 1pm. If you are flying from somewhere more than a few hours away, you may need to fly in the day before on October 17th. Let us know if that is the case and we may be able to connect you with others coming in early so you can room together and keep down costs! We have lots of nail techs who are more than willing to pick up techs on the way to the ferry, and in past years these techs have formed awesome lasting friendships! It's a great way to meet someone right away who can be a little bit of a tour guide. These pick ups happen at the airport as well as nearby hotels. We will exchange information between the two of you before so that you can email, chat and square away exactly when and where you will get picked up. Don't let the travel portion stop you from coming, we are here to help you get here and enjoy this one of a kind Retreat!

If you are landing at Seatac and will be getting picked by a fellow nail tech, just exit the doors right out of Baggage for curb-side pick up. If you are landing Thursday and need to take a shuttle to a hotel, please read this little bit of information a few times so it makes sense - and look at the pictures below. Once you exit your plane and grab your bags, you will need to take the escalator UP to walk over the skybridge to the parking structure. Once you are in the parking structure (you will be on level 4), you will want to take the Elevator DOWN to level 3 where the street is with the shuttles to pick up for hotels. Walk out of the elevator and cross the street, the coutesy phones for the hotels are there. Scroll down this page to see the Airport Map.

A few techs have decided to come early Thursday so they could spend the day playing tourist in downtown Seattle! There is now a Link Light Rail train that will take you from the airport to downtown Seattle. To get to the light rail skybridge, walk to baggage claim 16 and go up the escalater (or if you have a luggage cart, take an elevator) and walk over skybridge 6. As you exit the skybridge you will see a sign pointing to the left for the skybridge to walk to the Link Light Rail. Its about a 3-5 minute covered walk over to the station. You CAN take your luggage "smart cart" over to the rail station and leave it there.
Be sure to let us know your plans so we can make sure you are connected with a local nail tech that can pick you up from your Seattle hotel Friday morning and bring you to camp. To get to the website for the Link Light Rail for maps and other information, CLICK HERE.