When: October 17-20, 2014
Where: Camp Burton, WA
Cost: $479
What is included in the cost?  All Meals, housing, trade show, canvas product goodie bag filled with product and information, Keynote Seminars, evening parties, most workshops and seminars taught during the trade show hours.  Some of the workshops Friday and Monday are free, a few of them are $50. You can choose which you would like to attend.   Back to top ^

What is not included in the cost?   Transportation to and from Camp Burton. Additional Optional paid workshops. There will always be FREE worhshops occuring at the same time as the paid workshops so those who do not want to pay for additional classes do not have to.   Back to top ^

How will I get my Swag Bag of products?   Our event is unique, and so are our swag bags! Each heavy duty bag is filled with over 20 pounds of brochures and FREE product! Since we have so many generous companies who donate but can not send educators, we will give you your bag completely filled on the first night of the Retreat. This will let you go back to your cabins that night and start reading product information and play with the product! If you are flying into this event, you will be happy to know that some of our acrylic companies send small kits that include monomer so you will not have to bring it with you. Make sure you bring room in your suitcase for all this fantastic product and things you may purchase at the trade show!   Back to top ^

What should I bring?  ;A warm jacket, boots that can get muddy/wet, flashlight, extension cord, impliments, Small table lamp, like an Ott lamp, files and product for pink and whites (monomer can be provided if you are flying and worried about carrying that on a plane). If you are not flying, bring bedding (sheets, blanket, pillow), bath towels and gel lamps (if you have extra and you don't mind sharing, please bring for those flying in).  Back to top ^

I don't live in the Northwest, can I come?  Absolutely!  At least 25% of those attending do not live in the Northwest! We hope to see nail techs from all over the place looking for an inexpensive mini vacation where they can learn a ton and is also a write off! We have had techs fly in from all over the country from Kansas to New York.   Back to top ^

I was going to fly to Washington, what airport should I fly to?If you are landing at Seatac and will be getting picked by a fellow nail tech, just exit the doors right out of Baggage for curb-side pick up. If you are landing Thursday and need to take a shuttle to a hotel, please read this little bit of information a few times so it makes sense - and look at the pictures below. Once you exit your plane and grab your bags, you will need to take the escalator UP to walk over the skybridge to the parking structure. Once you are in the parking structure (you will be on level 4), you will want to take the Elevator DOWN to level 3 where the street is with the shuttles to pick up for hotels. Walk out of the elevator and cross the street, the coutesy phones for the hotels are there. Scroll down this page to see the Airport Map. Back to top ^

Where is Camp Burton and how do I get there? When do the Ferries come?  Seattle is famous for its ferries and getting to the retreat requires a trip on one.   Located on Vashon Island, Camp Burton is just a 10 minute drive from the Ferry Docks.   If you need some carpool buddies jump on the NW Nail Tech Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/nwnailtechs/) Ferries leave about once an hour, schedules change so be sure to check the current schedule before you leave - direct links and other directions can be found on our LOCATION page.  Back to top ^

What if I fly in Thursday? For those of you flying in or traveling in early, we have arranged a discount at the Coast Gateway Hotel. It is right at the airport and in the same parking lot as our Thursday night casual meet and greet at Sharp's Roasterie, same as last year. Rooms are $99 Dbl occupancy, we will do our best to match you up with a roommate to share the room if you need one for Thursday and/or Monday night. Please use the group page to advertise you are looking for a roommate. You must call Tanya or Michele Fischer at 206-248-8200 for the discount. They are blocking out 10 rooms and will release more if needed. Tell them the group is NW Nail Techs.Back to top ^

What if I need to come late or leave early?  Friday afternoon is our big 5 hour hands on workshop and you do not want to miss it!  If you plan to arrive late, please let us know so we don't sit at the registration desk all day :-)Back to top ^

What will the weather be like?  Autumn in Seattle is beautiful and the trees are full of color!  We have been blessed with fabulous weather every year! You can expect somewhat chilly nights in the 40s-50s and days between 50-70. It is Seattle, so while we have had 3 beautiful rain-free weekends in the past, don't count on it! Bring boots that can get wet and maybe even a tiny travel umbrella since there is a bit of distance between the buildings and cabins. If you are not used to northwest weather, be sure to bring a sweatshirts and a coat just in case.  Layers are the key, it may be chilly outside but the buildings will still be warm.  Back to top ^

How should I dress?  COMFORTABLE!!  With most industry activities, Dressing for Success in professional attire is always preferred - not with this event.  We want you to come relaxed, ready to learn and not worry about what will ruin your fancy shoes, what make up you forgot or how much hairspray you put in your hair.  Bring your favorite jeans or sweats and some good sneakers or boots.  This camp is all rustic with unpaved paths through the grass and woods so you will not want to be walking around in flip flops or heels.    Back to top ^

How many are expect to attend?We sold out at 115 this year including educators. That will be the max that we ever have in attendance to keep the event intimate.    Back to top ^

Will I be able to buy snacks or should I bring them?  Bring them. There is a store between the ferry and camp if you forget on the way. Meals are fantastic but for late night or afternoon snacks you will want to bring your own.     Back to top ^

How will I know where everything is at the retreat?  Upon check in you will receive a customized folder that will include a camp map along with cabin assignments, blank note paper, name badges, class schedules and itineraries.   These folders will also be a place for you to put information and take notes during classes.    Back to top ^

Can I bring my husband or children?   No, we want you to get the most out of this experience to enhance your career and that is difficult to do if you are worried about entertaining your husband or children. We also do not have the facility for that kind of set up.  Back to top ^

How do I choose my roommates?  During registration there is link to "requested roommates."  If you already know some people you would like to share a cabin with you can enter it there.  At any time you can email us with more roommate preferences.  Cabins will sleep an average of 6 people, if you request just 3 people, expect to have 2-3 more in your cabin with you. People have moved around mid-weekend to room with different people as they make friends, that is perfectly fine - just check with the people in the cabins so they don't get overcrowded.   Back to top ^

Will there be alcohol served?  Due to camp policy, no alcohol will be served. It is important that we are able to continue using this facility in the coming years, so please do not bring wine or alcoholic beverages.   Back to top ^

How are the meals served?   Meals are served in a large beautiful room overlooking the water at tables that seat 8.  They are served family style.  Salad bar is available for both lunch and dinner daily! Reviews of the camp say it has the best cook of any retreat center near Seattle and our past retreat attendees agree! Popular meals are Pub Burgers and Taco night!.   Back to top ^

What will be offered if I have a special diet?  Please let us know when you register if you are vegetarian, vegan, have gluten allergies, dairy allergies, and nut allergies.   The camp will help work to accommodate these diets and have been known to even cook special meals for those who need it.  Back to top

Is there a store close by?  Yes, within 5 minutes of Camp Burton is a group of small stores with necessities.   Back to top ^

Do I have to stay at the camp?  You do not have to stay at camp, however you still have to pay the same rate. We can not make adjustments to the price if you want to try to find a hotel.  The price we pay includes meals and many other facility fees based on the number of attendees.  Back to top ^

Is bedding supplied or do I need to bring a sleeping bag?   We will have enough bedding for approximately 30 registered attendees and all educators.  If you are driving to the event, please bring your own sheets, blanket or a sleeping bag and pillow as well as towels.  If you are flying and will NOT bringing your own bedding, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page, or email us on the contact page so we can be sure to reserve one of the bedding sets for you.   No, there is not an additional charge.  Back to top ^

What are the rooms like?  They are rustic cabins with brand new bunk beds! While they can sleep 10-12, we expect an average of 4-6 per cabin - you won't have to climb on a top bunk if you don't want to!  There is a bathroom, electricity and heat in all the cabins.  The camp is spread out and there may be a 3-5 minute walk from your cabin to a class room, bring umbrellas or a hoodie in case of rain.  Back to top ^

What are the shower facilities like?  Do I need to bring towels?  Each cabin has a shower, toilet and sink.  If you are bringing your own bedding, you will also need to bring your own towel.  Those flying in that are reserving a linen set will have a hand and body towel in their set.  Back to top ^

Are there televisions in the cabins?  No, there are no televisions at the retreat.  Trust us, you won't have time.Back to top ^

Is there Wi-Fi available on site?   The camp is not currently set up for wireless internet, if you have a hot spot device it would come in handy.  Cell phones work fine, and there is an internet cafe about 5 miles away as a last resort if you absolutely need to go do some internet work.... but again, you will be quite busy!  Back to top ^

Should I bring my products or will I be able to purchase any there?  Both.  Bring products for hands on classes, playing on each other and for competitions.  You will be able to purchase products during the classes and at the trade show!  Back to top ^

What type of educators will be there?  Everything from marketing, licensing, sanitation, airbrush artists, gel and acrylic educators will all be joining us!  Check the educator page often, it will be updated throughout the summer as we receive confirmation from educators.  Back to top ^

What hands on classes and other seminars will be taught?  Toward the end of the summer we will post a class list that will show all the classes companies and educators have reserved.  Back to top ^

What do I bring to hands on classes?  We will have more information as the companies reserve their rooms and give us class descriptions.  The website will be updated each time we receive a confirmation.  Back to top ^

How do I get a model for competition?  Do I bring one or will there be volunteers?  If you know another nail tech coming to the event that is not competing ask her to be your model. The night before the competition at dinner we will announce who is looking for models and who will volunteer to see if we can pair you up.Back to top ^

What should we bring for competition?  Table lamp, gel lamp (if needed), towels, products, files, implements ect.    Back to top ^

Are there exercise facilities?  This is a rustic camp setting, it doesn't have a high tech work out room, sauna or fancy spa.  But it's an absolutely beautiful waterfront environment and you can go for a walk or jog around some stunning scenery.   Back to top ^

My question was not answered, how can I contact the organizers for help?  Click the "Contact Us" link at or email us by clicking on the Contact page.     Back to top ^
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