the retreat itinerary will consist of one 5 Hour workshop, your choice of five 75 minute classes and two 3 hour classes.

Some of these classes are FREE and included with your Retreat ticket price. Others will have a fee of up to $50. For those classes, you will see a PayPal link in the Cost/Day Column. These fees and class registration is sent directly to the educator/company.


This 5 Hour class takes place Friday and is for all attendees

Non-Product Specific


INCREDIBLE IMPROVEMENTS - This class will include a seminar on proper shape and techniques to create the perfect nail. By producing one nail at a time and having them critiqued, you will see improvements in your nails in one 5 hour class! Always a favorite at the Retreat, every tech gets to walk away with a hand written competition style critique of their last nail to see where they can further improve. Vicki does an incredible job of making the newest nail tech and the seasoned veteran find new ways to perfect their nails. Returning Retreat Attendeess: Bring last years critique so you can see how far you have come!


FREE class ALL nail techs and other educators get to attend Friday's workshop after registration! Don't be late, many say this class *alone* is worth the entire trip!

Vicki Peters will teach New Attendees, students & Novice Techs

Amy Becker will teach Returning Attendees with at least 3 years experience.

75 minute classes

Important things to note about these awesome classes:   Educator
  * You will be able to choose 5 of these classes to attend    
  * Some classes will appear more than once in the itinerary to help you with overlapping classes
  * Some classes may have shopping available. You will also be able to shop during the trade show all day Monday.    

Akzentz 30 Day Manicure - Learn the tricks for doing a service that will keep your clients from walking into another salon by offering a service that keeps their nails strong and lasting week after week. Raise your profits by setting your service for a gel manicure to a higher level. See Jess's trick for making a smooth french gel manicure without that annoying bump on the free edge.   Jessica Hoel & Nicole Hollenbeck
Akzentz Beyond Rock Star Toes - There is glitter on toes, and then there is SPARKLES on toes! Come see the difference and how to bling toes easily and with such pizazz that clients can't imagine going back to plain color. With over 100 Sparkles glitters and mylars that catch the light to turn toes into tiny disco balls, its hard to choose which to wear!   Jessica Hoel
Akzentz 3d Gel Powder & Gel Play Paint - Rachel shows you how easy Akzentz 3D gel powder and Gel Play art paints are. Create simple to advanced looking designs with a few basic techniques easily used in your salon!   Rachel Dye

Aquarelle No need to be an artist to add stunning art and quick profits to your salon work! Create your own designs without drawing! Learn the techniques to hand-painting beautiful abstracts, simple designs and even scenes on nails
Watercolor kits will be on sale in class!
  Tami Schmidt

Be Creative Plan ahead for add on sales... pre made elements- making stickers with gel paints and acrylic on the Arabella forms.   Sandy Combs
Be Creative Adding dimension....using pigments in your nail designs with gel polish, water, or monomer.   Sandy Combs
Be Creative Quick and detailed...using the art pen and be creative paints over gel polish, gel and acrylic   Sandy Combs

Business Building!

Above the Line: Transforming Your Business to Rise Above

When it comes to growing your business, you must set yourself apart from the crowd.  Whether you are an individual looking to be hired as an employee, a booth renter, or a salon owner, becoming successful all comes down to one thing: people.  What people are you trying to reach?  How are you reaching them? Are people returning to you? Learn about positive business strategies and marketing for nail professionals.

  Taylor Swanson


VINYLUX™ Design Lab - Now every week is Fashion Week with CND’s newest color innovation, VINYLUX! Join us in the CND Design Lab where you can explore your creativity while discovering first hand 
virtues of VINYLUX.  Translate your design inspiration into works of art and place them on display for all to see!

  Tanya Sisson

CND Shellac - 14+ Day Nail Color and Vinylux Weekly Polish

Gilded Dreams Holiday 2014

The dizzying swirl of lights and music fill the room and luminous luxury saturates the air…its midnight and the spotlight is on you. This holiday season is adorned with sparkle and  shine. Opulent soirees and gleaming galas await. Nails illuminate with metallic and 
shimmering dimension in sleek almond shapes, magically iced in rose gold, icy blue and silvery pastels. 
• Get inspired! The latest trends unveiled
• Be the first to see NEW colors of the season
• Learn new nail styles showcasing CND® Shellac® 14+ Day Nail Color, VINYLUX® weekly  Polish and Additives

• See how Brisa® Gel can transform any nail into a work of art

  Tanya Sisson
CND CND Additives Art Studio - Add, blend and create! Expand your color options with pure concentrated pigments and  sparkling effects designed to blend into Liquid & Powder and Gel, or layered over CND Shellac for complete artistic freedom. Learn to create impressive nail art in this creative 
  Tanya Sisson

Elite Nail Supplies
Snow Globe Acrylic Designs - Have fun learning the quick and easy technique of applying snow globes to the nail, using acrylic.   Beverly will be working on a Snowman in this class, but they can be adapted to create animals and unlimited seasonal designs.   Swirling glitter is the perfect adornment for your nails!
  Diane MacQuoid 
Elite Nail Supplies
Inktense Pencil Art - Beverly will be sharing her watercolor design technique, using the versatile Inktense Pencils.   She will demo how simple it is to create quick, stunning designs with pencils
Beverly Townsend
Elite Nail Supplies
Gel Paint Creations - Explore the versatility of Gel Paints!   Beverly will show you how they can even be used for one stroke painting.   Learn how a few colors will allow you to mix a multitude of beautiful shades.
Beverly Townsend
Elite Nail Supplies
Gel Choices - Elite Beauty Supplies has a full range of gels that allow the Nail Tech to create beautiful nails with the perfect gel for each client.   Learn all about the different gels, and when to use them. 
Beverly Townsend

Empower Nail Art ENA Film School Basic
An introduction to Empower Nail Art that will inspire your creativity while giving you ideas on positioning, pricing, and upselling your services to Empower nails and your daily ticket!
  Holly Schippers
Empower Nail Art

ENA Film School Advanced
The next level of Empower Nail Art that will show you fun ways to Empower enhancements from the stiletto flip side to encasing for all nail types!

  Holly Schippers
Empower Nail Art ENA Film School Ultimate Creativity
Have a basic understanding of Empower Nail Art? Ready to do more than apply it as a full film? This is the film school for you, covering advanced cutting techniques and ideas for getting more out of your film as well as application techniques for those tricky nails!
  Holly Schippers


An in-depth introduction to IBX! Develop your understanding of what IBX is and does, and learn about the science and chemistry to better serve yourself and your clients. In this introductory lesson, you will meet the product line and see a live demo. Watch an expert in various application situations -- get prepared to launch your own salon's IBX services! Additionally, you'll learn the IBX marketing strategy that will make this a gotta-have-it service for your business.

  Victoria Hunter

inm Perfecting Pink and White Acrylic Smile Lines - This class will show you easier techniques to perfecting pink and white smiles lines. You will learn the art of the “reverse” method as well as how to do competition smile lines with one bead. Lorena will show you how to properly pick up the perfect with the correct mixed ratio to avoid marbleizing, air bubbles and center pocket lifting. This is a good intro to the 3hr inm Competition Class.   Lorena Marquez
inm 3D Acrylic Flowers - Learn the in’s and out’s of how to make building 3D flowers quick and easy. Using smaller, drier beads and a smaller pointed brush will definitely help. INM’s Acrylic Powder Paints were designed specifically with the nailtech in mind. Petal placement and how to create several different flowers will also be learned in this class.   Lorena Marquez
inm The Art of Acrylic Design - Lorena will showcase some of the newest fashion trends in acrylic design.....color blocking, fading and cut-outs will be featured in demonstration. You will get a chance to see all on INM’s colored acrylic collections featured in this class. The designs featured in this class are sure to help you make more money in the salon!   Lorena Marquez

This class will be a demonstration and intro to the last 3 hour Workshop.....featuring INM’s Gelavish Soak Off Gel Polish. Lorena will show you eye catching designs that are easy to do and will helpyou to up your salon services. Techniques that will be shown: Ombre, cut-outs, marbleizing and flowers.

Learn to do nail art with gel polish.....the possibilities are endless.

  Lorena Marquez

Insuring Style Liability & Risk Management - Many nail professionals are unaware of their liability needs. In this class you’ll learn about real-life risks in the nail profession, the types of liability insurance coverage, how to minimize risk, and what to do if an incident occurs.   Taylor Swanson

KUPA 3D Demo Class - Witness incredible designs as Yire demonstrates one of his outrageous award winning artistic3D  designs with Kupa Artfinity Products. Kupa’s lead star educator, he has a background in watercolors, sketching, cartooning, color theory, design and photography, Yire paints from the heart. His work has been featured in well recognized ads and magazines plus he recently has won numerous awards for his nail art creations.    Yire Castillo

Masterworks Cool, Quick and Balanced Gel Application
Learn Masterworks by Amy Becker original techniques to apply gel quickly while maintaining the stress area in a fraction of the time it takes most gel techs! Masterworks by Amy Becker's "Masterfill" is a low/no heat gel that's stronger than acrylic and has "Auto-Correct" built in!
  Amy Becker
Masterworks Mastertip Gel Class: Troubleshooting with Gels!
Learn how to create 3D Gel Art in a fraction of the time it takes to sculpt with acrylic!
  Amy Becker

Magnetic Nail Design UV-Acrylic ~ Odor less acrylic system by Magnetic First
 Nadja will show you how to work with UV-Acrylic. You
will get Tips and Tricks in application, pinching and forming. Did you know
that also amazing nail art is possible with UV-Acrylic? Come to our class
and learn more about it.
  Nadja Freund 
Magnetic Nail Design Gel French in 30 mins, with our new Nail Art and Foil
Gels; Making a Gel Set in 30 mins after nail
preparation is possible with our new Nail Art and Foil gels. Also quick
Transfer Foil designs give your design new look and couple extra $$ in your
  Nadja Freund 

Light Elegance Emboss Art -

Your educator will show you the art of embossing your acrylic or gel enhancements to create stunning nail designs that are both wearable and original. Let the Light Elegance Poppy Paints take your art to new heights. 

  Shannon Nakamura
Light Elegance

Mixology - Your educator will show you how to mix pigments, shimmers, pretties and gel with the LE Acrylic system for unlimited creative possibilities

 This is where science meets creativity!  Become a master mixologist!

  Shannon Nakamura

Too Much Fun

Increase Your Income with Fun Additional Services

This class will show you how to increase your income both inside and outside the salon.

Learn airbrush temporary tattoo and face painting techniques as well as glitter tattoos to add fun and money to your menu.   Ellen has been doing this type of work for almost 20 years having high profile clients such as Macy?s, UW, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Marniers and many more.    From simply single applications in the salon to birthday parties, festivals or corporate events, your artistic ability can bring you additional income.    Joining Ellen in this class will be Athena  Elliott host of Nail Talk Radio and owner/creator of Glitzy Lips lip foils to demonstrate this additional fun artistic add on service.


Ellen Torchia

& Athena

Vicki Peters

EFilling for Beginners

Afraid of the Efile?  Don’t know where to start or what to purchase? Vicki will walk you through the basics, the different bits and what to look for and spend on an Efile. Demonstrations on how to use the Efile safely along with practice techniques. 


  Vicki Peters
Vicki Peters

Mastering Gel Polish Demo

Gel polish looks easy but it is not! Learn techniques that make your application flawless and fast! Curing, color slippage/shrinking, LED vs UV, Shelac vs. other gel polish, proper prep, safe removal techniques and finding a real lint free pad!

  Vicki Peters


3 hour Classes -

Some of these classes are FREE and included with your Retreat ticket price. Others will have a fee of up to $50. For those classes, you will see a PayPal link in the Cost/Day Column. These fees and class registration is sent directly to the educator/company.


SCHEDULE - You can choose ONE morning and ONE evening class to attend. You do NOT need to sign up for free classes If there is no link for a paid class we have not received it from the educator.




Class Title Description   Cost Educator

Empower Nail Art

ENA Film School Hands-on
Empower brings you everything from basic application to ultimate creativity on all nail types. Upsell your Forever French to an accent nail and your accent nails to full glam sets. Supplies for hands-on are provided, come in for a good time and hashtag your works of art #ENAfilmschool

  $30 Holly Schippers

Masterworks Workshop



3D Gel Art
Amy will teach you the different 3D gel art strokes and techniques to create beautiful, fast art in the salon. You\'ve got to see it to believe how simple the most complicated looking design is!


Click here to register & pay for this class



Includes to $30 in Masterworks Products!




Amy Becker



Masterworks Workshop

Cool, Quick and Balanced Gel Application
Amy will work with you hands on to achieve cool, quick and balance gel application. The average nail tech reduces her gel services by 15 minutes with this class!


Click here to register & pay for this class





Amy Becker



Magnetic Nail Design


Russian almond and other modern shapes. These beautiful shapes taught usually by Russian and European nail designers only are brought to North America by Nadja. You will learn the salon version of the Russian Almond shape that you can use in your every day work. You can practice on yourself or on each other. Bring your implements. All products (gel or acrylic) will be supplied for this hands on class.
  $50 Nadja Freund

Magnetic Nail Design

Hand Painting with elements of One Stroke techniques.

Quick and easy beautiful hand painted nails are possible! Basics of the One Stroke technique combined with detail painting will make your work unique and increase your income! Included in the price is a Russian Kolinsky detail brush. You will need a one stroke brush (I will supply some for the class). This is a hands on class.





Nadja Freund




Artfinity Workshops


Demonstration & hands on workshop
Designer Acrylic Techniques
Colored Acrylic & Glitter Effects
2oz liquid & colored powders & glitter, practice sheet included. 
Yire will guide you through the secrets of 3D flowers.
Practice Sheet, designer 3D brush, acrylic colors & 2 oz. liquid included. 

Bring your sculpting brush. 


REGISTER for this class by clicking the link below:

  $50 Yire Castillo


Artfinity Workshops


Kupa 3D

Demonstration & hands-on workshop
3D Nail Art & Flowers
Yire will guide you through the secrets of building beautiful 3D flowers.
Practice Sheet, acrylic colors & 2 oz. liquid included. 
Bring your nail art sculpting brush.


REGISTER for this class by clicking the link below:

  $50 Yire Castillo


GLORIOUS GLIZY NAILS - Nothing is more fun than embellishing nails with glitter, Sparkles, foils and NailGrafx! Learn how to layer different products to create depth and nails that expand your creativity and excite your clients.






Rachel Dye


Sculpting Gel made EASY! - Stop fighting your gel and learn easy techniques to sculpt out nails with little finish filing! Speed up your full sets and learn how to do fills with art and gel polish using products that allow you to apply and be done! Saves 10-15 minutes off of your fill service by not needing to finish file. Bring one nail free of product and try for yourself.






Jessica Hoel

Ellen Torchia


With 25 years experience as a licensed massage therapist, Ellen wil teach you services to increase your massage skills. Learn basic massage theory, review anatomy, and learn to get those clients raving about and returning with your massage skills. Massage has a purpose in your service. Learn what that purpose is and some skills to keep you a step above the competition.   FREE Ellen Torchia

Light Elegance


Light Elegance Acrylic System

This class teaches students to use the LE Acrylic System and to have fun with it too! Basic acrylic techniques, form/tip application and shaping are covered. We will also add some fun with color by mixing dry pigment with acrylic as well. Students come away with an understanding of how to form, shape and design a beautiful acrylic nail using the Light Elegance Acrylic System.

    Shannon Nakamura

Barefoot Training & Certification


(this class is 2 parts! The first part requires participation BEFORE the event in 4-6pm on Thursday 10/16 at a hotel near Seatac Airport. Many of us have dinner that night at the resturant next door!)

Barefoot Training and Certification

This intense class is being offered in a 2 part series exclusively to attendees of the NW Nailtech Retreat. Hosted and instructed by LCN Barefoot National Trainer Athena Elliott.

Part 1
Thursday October 16th 4pm-6pm Coast Gateway Hotel/Boardroom 
This 2 hour interactive lecture with Athena will provide you with marketing tools and images, product knowledge, pricing structures and demonstrations of technique and application.

Part 2
Sunday October 19th 9am-12pm at Camp Burton (MUST be Retreat attendee to attend)
In this 3 hour hands-on class we will share proper protocol and techniques while supervising each individuals application followed by an intense question and answer .  

In this class you will learn: 
  • Why the right product and application is so important
  • Sanitation
  • Working within your scope of practice
  • How to market yourself as a reconstructive toe nail specialist
  • How to price your services and command the money and the respect you deserve within the industry
  • How to work with the medical community
  • Proper prep and application
  • Educating your client on aftercare

Class fee is $99.00 for both parts and includes a Barefoot Try Me Kit (value $45)


Pay for this class HERE:

  $99 total for 2 parts Athena Elliott
Arketech Institute

Nail Architechture


Set your nails apart from the mainstream salon set and earn more $$$ by offering HAUTE COUTURE SALON NAIL SHAPES that don’t require starting from a new set.


    Tami Schmidt
Elite Beauty Supplies

Snow Globe Creations - This class is just a whole lot of fun!   Learn how to adapt snow globes to create designs for the different seasons, animals, or anything you can imagine!   These can be made with both acrylic and gel, and applied to any enhancement.   All products will be supplied by Elite Beauty Supplies. 


PAY for this class here:


  $50 Beverly Townsend 
Elite Beauty Supplies

Inktense Watercolor Nails - Watercolor nails have never been easier.   Beverly will teach you how to create gorgeous designs using Inktense Pencils.   She will show you how to plan and execute simple designs which can be used on acrylic or gel enhancements.     Pencils will be available for purchase at the class.   All other supplies will be included in the class.


PAY for this class here:






Beverly Townsend  

Be Creative

Get your fantasy on!

Beginning fantasy 3-d nail art....tropical flowers with acrylic.

Register for this class HERE:


  $50 Sandy Combs

Be Creative

Holiday Madness

Halloween and Xmas designs using all types of media with the be creative products.


Register for this class HERE:

  $50 Sandy Combs

CND Shellac Certification and the Secrets of Success (Hands on)
Become a CND Shellac Certified Pro** and unlock the Secrets of Shellac - the original 
Power Polish™. Discover unlimited color and style options that will satisfy your 
client’s every wish. 
CND Shellac Certified Pro benefits:

º Listing on
º Welcome Kit with FREE business-building tools
º Quarterly merchandising materials and FREE samples

**All are welcome to class.  I am only able to qualify CND Shellac Certified Pro status for those that meet the criteria below and are US nail professionals. 


To be certified, attendees must bring:

Photo I.D.

CND Shellac Top Coat

CND Shellac Base Coat

6 CND Shellac Colors




99% Isopropyl Alcohol

CND Shellac Nourishing Remover.

• Certification will take place at the end of class

  FREE Tanya Sisson



Dig Deeper into Competition!

Hands on Workshop where participants will have an opportunity to try the INM Out the Door System without paying for a class. Learn and understand the difference between SALON nails vs COMPETITION nails. 2 time Nailpro Cup Champion, Lorena Marquez will go over the rules and regulations and show some competition style demo nails. You have the opportunity to try the product and have your nails critiqued.

  FREE Lorena Marquez



Gelavish Hands-On Workshop

This hands on workshop will give you the opportunity to try INM’s Gelavish Soak Off Gel Polish and learn to do designs with it. Lorena will demonstrate “Salon Wearable” art and you will get a chance to duplicate them. This is a “free” work shop brought to by INM.....we know you’ll fall in love with GELAVISH!

  FREE Lorena Marquez


IBX Certification Class


This class is REPEATED both in the AM and PM session.


Become a certified IBX technician with this three-hour certification course. Develop your understanding

of what IBX is and does, and learn about the science and chemistry to better serve yourself and

your clients. You will meet the product line, experience an in-depth demo and then master your IBX

technique in a hands-on learning environment. Learn and practice more advanced techniques that you

can incorporate into your everyday services at the salon.

You'll also be coached on best practices for salon marketing. Through examples and strategy discussion,

you'll learn how to introduce the product to your customers and make IBX a gotta-have-it service.

At the end of three knowledge-filled hours, take The IBX Exam. Pass it and receive your official IBX


Course Details:

- Purchase of the IBX Starter Kit $45.00 (IBX Duo Pack, Lumos Duo Pack and 1/2 oz Dadi'Oil) is required (pay at class)

- You will need to bring your own heat source (it can just be a hair dryer!), UV/LED lamp, prep products,

files, and cleanser.

- Please have bare nails on the day of the course, or bring a model.


To Register for this IBX Class email

  $45 for kit paid at class Victoria Hunter




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