Lodging - INCLUDED!
Product bag worth $400+
SIX 75min Classes
Business Seminar
TWO 3hr Workshops
ALL INCLUDED for $479!


Nicknamed "Nail Camp" by past Nail Techs attending, this Retreat was the first of it's kind and still the only one in the country to span 4 days and be all inclusive! That means once you are there you don't have to worry about finding a hotel or how expensive the resturant will be that night. You don't need a car to get around because we stay at the facility the full 4 days! Camp Burton is on an island a ferry ride from Seattle is where we have called home for the past 3 Retreats. It is a fabulous waterfront, rustic location with amazing cooks and deer roaming the fields. Its a peaceful location away from the busy city. This isn't the mariott but if you love cabins and the outdoors its perfect. read more


FREE competitions included! Don't be afriad, this is how you can see how your nails stack up against other REAL WORLD nail techs, not competition techs. Learn new tricks in your classes and at the workshop Friday, then come compete on Saturday. Cash Prizes and medals will be awarded for competitors in both Novice and Senior Simply Salon nails as well as Mixed Media. Judging will be headed by Vicki Peters; renowned international educator, competition champion, judge, master nail technician and industry icon. Have your work critiqued by the best and improve your skills in one day!

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Last year we started having themes to our Retreat weekend and had a fun time with Survivor! This year we want to focus on what we can do to give back to the Nail Tech Community. We are pleased to announce this year's theme: Paying it Forward. Please plan to bring ANY products you no longer use! They can be open or unopened. We will be donating these products to schools in the Northwest.





Every year we donate to a worthy chairty by selling extra raffle tickets and setting some of the attendance fees aside to give back! This year we have chosen Polished Girlz created by 12yr old 12 yo Alanna J.Wall. "The Polished Girlz bring sparkle to the lives of girls with special needs or frequent hospitalizations by bringing the trendiest nail art parties to them, while teaching them the importance of hand washing to reduce infection rates and repeated hospital admissions. As an organization, the Polished Girlz seek to empower not only their clients, but their volunteers, by offering them opportunities to improve the quality of life, build invaluable leadership skills, and providing them with opportunities for community service,"

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